Enjoy….in a broader sense

Several minutes before the alarmclock is ringing, I wake up. Sunbeams poking next to the curtain in my eyes. Outside there is a strong wind, while the birds whistle and the leaves crackle. For a few minutes my eyes are closed, there’s a smile on my face and I listen to the sounds around me. When I finally open the door, I can hear the river flowing and look at the big, green giant in front of me. The various colors of green on the mountain are emphasized by the beautiful sunshine. I breathe in the fresh air and thank Mother Nature for her beauty. Every day I may enjoy these sounds, the beautiful views and fresh air. All from my first house, or the caravan of Jen.

The work is still enjoyable, though it is slightly quieter. The holidays in France, Belgium and The Netherlands are over and it will be quieter in the next few days. Soon there will be more guests in the hotel and from then it will really start. Colleagues arrive slowly, so in a while the team will be complete and the high season can start.

The 18 –ity’s still play a role in my life. So i lived for a week according to regularity and I tried this, especially in the morning and evening. I begin as described above and end up with reading a book. In the afternoon during my break I try to find my rest and do nothing (or watch cycling on tv). This week it’s the turn of absence of vanity, but in the broadest sense of the word. I’m not vain, so that’s easy. But it is also about the fact that you don’t involve yourself of say that you have been there before or did it also before. No, really listen to the other person, that’s the point. Tricky, because I want to share all my experiences. It succeeded a couple of times, but I think I can still improve this –ity.

The –ity’s partly help me to think about what I want to do in the future. I read an article in the Volkrant (Dutch newspaper) about people who are in their twenties. It touched me. A good article, because many I recognize, both in myself and in co-twenties. Often we are called the generation backseat of the lost generation, but we will find a way out, in our way. As long as they continue to believe in yourself, hope and do what they want and can!

Besides work, I saw the spring classics of cycling with the splendid victory of Niki Terpstra in Paris-Roubaix. Now the first big round, the Giro d’Italia. Lovely to see the sport, but just as special are the cyclists who daily pass here and climb the mountains of the Ardeche. And another thing. I didn’t know anything about snooker, but after the last World Championship and the explanation of Pascal, I also understand something of this. So, on many areas my knowledge get expanded, something I really love and I definitely need in the future.

After all these things the evening arrived and I walk back to my trailer. Looking up, I see the bright moon who lights up the clouds from above. The stars show their magnifency. And when I close the door of the trailer, that smile of the morning is still there.



PS. For photos, I refer to my Facebook page Jennifer’s World or my Instagram, instagram.com/peetersjennifer

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